BOAA Best Hangover Cure: Fleetwood Diner

Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 10:03pm

Fleetwood Diner

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Danyel Theraken

Feta cheese tastes good on everything, but Fleetwood Diner knows that feta cheese tastes best covering a mount of hash browns like a warm blanket, as students take the trek to Main Street, their heads still booming with last night's regrets.

It is an Ann Arbor law that there is no better way to cure a hangover from one too many drinks at Mash, or killing a fishbowl on your own than a trip to Fleetwood diner. Curing hangovers since 1949, and it's no secret that it's greasy breakfast food can take you from 0 to 100 real quick.

Fleetwood has no covert operation, secret ingredient or obscurity — it's chipped plates of heavenly breakfast delicacy is simple, cheesy, filled with all of the sins of the world and to many, medicinal. There has never been a headache that Fleetwood can't fix. From darty to game day to bar hopping, Fleetwood has and always will be there. Despite its slight distance from campus, students still come running for a quick hippie hash fix, especially when the Ugli calls and you have to rally from ripping shots to making flashcards. Fleetwood's turn around time is no more than a half hour, which is a much quicker hangover fix than a nap, water or advil. Besides– technically, Hippie Hash is good for you, incorporating all your main food groups; dairy, carbohydrates, vegetables, (is salt a food group)? To make your hangover not only delicious but also nutritious. What more can any of us ask?