BOAA: Best Bookstore: Literati

Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 10:32pm


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Darby Stipe / Daily

"This is my favorite corner in Ann Arbor" reads a quote painted on the brick wall exterior of Ann Arbor's most coveted bookstore: "Literati". Located on E. Washington in the heart of the Main Street district of Ann Arbor, Literati is absolutely one of the best corners of town holding the hearts of students and Ann Arbor residents alike.

On any given day, Literati is filled with browsers and students looking to study in their quaint and not quite secret coffee shop, up a slim staircase in the bookstore's back corner. One can pass quite a bit of time in the bookstore's interior, as the cozy shop is lined with books from wall to wall. The personality of the store is inherent in its sweet decorations, passionate and lovely employees and many quirks. The booksellers are fantastic at recommending and speaking to the books they sell, with many handwritten recommendations posted near and around book displays in the store. Going into Literati and coming out empty handed is a near impossible feat, given the wide array of options and alluring recommendations.

The basement of the store is another lovely quirk, with travel and cook books lining the walls. The basement is dimly lit and comfortable, allowing browsers to really get lost in the spines of books. There is also, a creaky old typewriter, always stocked with paper, that allows patrons to write out messages, poems and words.

In short, Literati is a whole different world, taking you away from the stresses of your everyday, and into an oasis of literature and cappuccinos.