Best Pizza: Mani Osteria

Monday, April 4, 2016 - 6:57pm

Mani Osteria

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Amelia Cacchione/Daily


As you walk into the sleek, modern restaurant space at Mani, the heat from the wood-fired oven slowly radiates out, and you know you’ve found good pizza. This isn’t the kind of pizza you order at two in the morning with a side of cinnamon stix, destined to accompany a late night Netflix binge. This is the kind of pizza you savor, slowly, poring over the menu for 20 minutes beforehand like any self-respecting foodie. 

The ingredients are high-quality and flavorful, and the restaurant's execution gives them the attention they deserve. Mani’s pizzas are creative, but for good reason. You won't find the self-consciously “quirky” pizza flavors that pop up every once in a while. Instead, you’ll find a mix of time-tested classics and innovative new tastes, from the classic “Supreme,” a hearty blend of sausage and veggies, to the unexpectedly delicious “Red Onion and Pistachio,“ a combination of unique flavors that somehow melts in your mouth. 

The only real danger in ordering Mani’s pizza is that it will distract you from the rest of what the beloved restaurant has to offer. Don't let the crusty flatbread, bubbling cheese and fresh greens coming out of the searingly hot oven blind you to Mani’s excellent salads, appetizers and other offerings. But pizza is one of the great equalizers — everyone loves it, and if a restaurant can do it justice, chances are the rest of their food is just as good. So if you haven’t, grab pizza from Mani. Consider this your introduction.

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