Best Bites: Miss Kim's Avocado Bowl

Sunday, November 26, 2017 - 3:33pm




When I stumbled upon Miss Kim’s while in Kerrytown, I was shocked to discover it exists. Not because I’ve heard of every single restaurant within Ann Arbor, but because its contents are pure Instagram-bait (in near Fred’s levels). Its trendy white interior, ornamented with twee illustrations, makes it endlessly photographable, yet I’ve never seen a single post on my feed.

It’s a perfect hidden gem, the restaurant is as tasty as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Of all my flaws, perhaps my greatest is that, truth be told, I do not like vegetables. The vegetable scale, for me, goes from eh-I-guess-I’ll-eat-this to oh-god-that-just-triggered-my-gag-reflex. So a dish that is described as: “Mixed vegetables, rice, chicken, avocado and a poached egg” is not something that I’d typically be drawn to, but I was, and it ended up being one of the best meals I’ve had in Ann Arbor.

Its excellence lies in its simplicity. Miss Kim prides themselves on the fact that “[their] food is rooted in Korean tradition and adapted to showcase Michigan’s bountiful produce. [They] work with local farmers to build a menu that shines seasonally.” Nothing makes this more apparent than the Avocado Bowl. There are not a lot of ingredients in the bowl, nor is it assembled with any fancy tricks or techniques, instead the bowl shines because it is simple food, made well, with the highest quality ingredients.

Miss Kim’s can be found on North Fifth Ave in Kerrytown, next to The Kerrytown Market and Shops.

Best Bites is Daily Arts writer, Tess Tobin’s continuing series on the best food items of Ann Arbor.