Best Bites: Comet Coffee's chocolate chip cookie

Monday, November 13, 2017 - 1:57pm


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I wouldn’t characterize myself as a vegan-hater. I have no issue with the diet nor its subscribers. In fact, I find the tenets and ethics of veganism nothing but laudable. However, anytime I spot the word “vegan” as a prefix of a food title, I slowly back away. To me the “vegan” descriptor is synonymous with overpriced. Perhaps to my detriment, I’m not terribly concerned with the healthiness of a cookie’s ingredients, I just want it to be delicious.

Comet’s vegan chocolate chip cookie undeniably is.

I’ll be honest, when I first tried it, I was pretty shocked at how good it was. I actually only bought it because I needed to order something so I could work in the coffee shop, and I recently swore off coffee. Post-purchase I had planned to slowly nibble away at the cookie, so as not to destroy my only legitimate claim to a seat. But after one bite I could not stop eating.

What makes this cookie remarkable is its unbelievable chewiness. I like my foods as doughy as possible, and this one nicely straddles the almost-underbaked line. And yet, it still has a nice crisp to the edges. If you like your cookies super crunchy (à la Tate’s bakeshop) this is not the cookie for you. But c’mon, who actually likes their cookies with a cracker-like consistency? Not me. The 80-20 chewy-crisp ratio is made possible by the cookie’s hefty size. Seriously, the thing is 5 inches in diameter, which makes the $2.80 price tag pretty reasonable. Plus, it looks and tastes fancy thanks to a generous sprinkle of flaky sea salt and gobs of high quality dark chocolate (don’t worry, it’s not bitter). Also, side note, it makes for an excellent purchase if your date suggests you meet at a coffee shop and you don’t know anything about coffee and wish to conceal this fact.

If you’re looking for something sweet in town that isn’t Ben & Jerry’s, pop by Nickel’s Arcade for this underrated gem.

Best Bites is Daily Arts writer, Tess Tobin’s continuing series on the best food items of Ann Arbor.