Baked Buzzed Bored: The RC Players' 'Evening of Scenes'

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - 5:34pm


Honestly, I don’t remember a fair amount of it. Time seems to have compounded into itself. Funny how it does things like that. “Evening of Scenes” is a collection of short comedy sketches written and directed by students in the Residential College. The first one was about a classroom of students who are emotionally manipulated by a girl named “Samantha Jones.” Do they know that’s the name of Carrie Bradshaw’s puny and sexually adventurous best friend on hit ’90s sitcom “Sex and the City?!?” They moved on to a skit personifying the characters from the board game Clue, showing the vapid monopoly characters as people with financial motives. As to be expected from the Residential College, the play contained unsubtle hints of sarcasm scoffing at a capitalist society.

Things are NOT moving in real time right now. Readers, I have not been this high in QUITE some time. In Australia, where I am considering studying abroad, they would say I am “off my head!” I have been doing a fair amount of research on Australian slang. OK, third scene with the kindergarteners was on point and that’s not just something I would say because maybe I have some best friends in the scene. It really was very funny and capitalized on the absurdness of a power-hungry child, while interjecting the scene with short interactions of a father being excluded from a playgroup clique based on his gender. Commentary! We ended with a couponing show sketch that was positively overrun by gingers, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Red is a color of power so technically red hair should actually be more sexually appealing to us than other hair colors. While viewing the play, I was unaware of an actual couponing show, but apparently it exists. So while I believed during the show that it subverted reality to create a film of echoey obstruction, it actually REINFORCED the concepts of fatuous chaos that we have chosen to revel in as a society. — Daily Arts Writer


This theater is a lot smaller than expected. Someone’s perfume smells like old lady. This is how I perish. Why is theater so funny? Why can I not do that? Why did I not bring a drink for the road? Apparently monopoly is the only Ayn Rand endorsed board game. Cool. There's this whole scene about killing Caesar and literally all I can think about is in mean girls when Gretchen Wieners (daughter of the inventor of toaster strudel) freaks out and is like “WHY DON’T WE JUST STAB CAESAR?!” I relate to this awkward, gawky suburban dad way more than I should. Oh my sweet Jesus they brought back the Harry Potter puppet song ... I am weak ... with joy. Seventy-five percent of the people in this sketch are red heads. I wonder if they'll make a joke about it. (They did) All these people are so witty and talented. What if I started doing a standing ovation every time I got an article published. That would be too much. I'll stick to what I know and let the real ac-tòrs do what they do. — Daily Arts Writer


I had no clue where I was even going tonight before we got here. I need to stop blindly committing to things, but this one really paid off. We’re on the second act and they’ve covered my three favorite things: weird celebrity obsessions, Clue the board game and the phrase “yas kween.” Not too shabby for a sober Friday night. Maybe I should do this kind of stuff more often.

Ahh now is the fourth act and one of our Daily Arts writers is on stage. #Represent. The delivery has been fantastic, a well-performed mix of slapstick and sharp humor. The range in topics and length of individual skits kept the evening moving along in a fashion that didn’t allow for dips in engagement. Even the intermissions were expertly played. Whoever chose to play “Harry Potter Puppet Pals” during the intermission deserves endless high-fives because I am dying.

RC Players is something I will definitely be attending again (you should too), and this time all I can hope for is that if there’s another scene about killing Julius Caesar (most likely, there won’t be) and someone will make a Gretchen Weiners reference. — Christian Kennedy