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As comics make an appearance in the library and foreign language courses, they’re also beginning to make their way into teaching styles and other areas of academia.

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Regardless of the project — illustrating sex toys, teaching digital painting, creating a graphic novel, researching a foreign community — a genuine passion is ever-present in Gloeckner’s work.

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Drozd has noticed the downfall of the stereotype that comic stores and the comic community are unwelcoming to newcomers, finding that stores like Vault of Midnight in Ann Arbor are encouraging and capable of finding comics for everyone.

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While the story of Gorillaz could be easily told as a graphic novel or a comic book, the fact that it is a band and has that extra layer of musical storytelling makes it all the more noteworthy.


There’s power in this unabashed ownership of gratuitous raunch.

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Steven Spielberg (“Bridge of Lies”) is the de facto storyteller for inspirational American tales, ranging from the life of Abraham Lincoln to the European invasion of World War II. “The Post,” his recent recount of the publishing of The Pentagon Papers, is no different.


The music used in these dark comedies illuminates the humanity of the ostensibly irredeemable protagonists, each of whom are, coincidentally, guilty.

Welcome to the final week of Capricorn season! This week, as a sort of incidental send-off to the season, a rare astrological event is occurring. Six planets will be aligning in Capricorn at once, affecting each sign uniquely and perceptibly.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an elegantly intricate and completely fascinating piece of moviemaking that proves that complex narratives can exist in a blockbuster franchise.

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In an email interview with The Daily, Worden explains how music plays a role in his work, his love of a certain lasagna-loving, Monday-hating feline and what our grocery lists say about us.


While movies appear to be the dominant form of comic book adaptations, TV shows remain strong, and it seems likely that they will once again become the prevailing method of comic book adaptation in the future.

In word and image, Passmore creates a work that is simultaneously personal and collective, encompassing his own experiences while capturing the experiences of others.

Wow — doesn’t that just hit the human experience on the nose?


Yaaah-ahoooo! Inewanewanewanev like. Inewaevery single girl, betcha. Inewasmoke-daddywholeword nada. Yaaah-ahoooo!

National Geographic

Far from conventional, the documentary transmutes a simple biographical tale into a fully immersive and sensory experience.

“This is the first time I’ve written to you / and I know now why they call me little witch.”

About a year ago, I came across the expression “everything is temporary.”