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The kids probably wouldn’t say that the album “slaps,” but it is lyrically dense and candidly poetic, drawing on a diverse body of sounds and samples.

Maybe someday I will write about Taylor Swift. Today is not that day.

This issue — the matter of song artistry — is an expansive one that remains many-sided.

Simply put, the LP is a forty-minute attempt to reclaim their spot on the playlist at Skeeps, but it’s not all bad.

The variety here is appealing, but it may take an extra listen or two to fully understand the draw.


I was taken aback by this look. I stopped in my metaphorical tracks.


The entire night, Williams commanded an intriguing and telling presence, in that the audience’s mood always felt mirrored to her own.

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Whenever something big happens today, I’ve come to expect there to be a “South Park” episode dedicated to ripping it apart with jokes.


As extremist groups of all kinds continue to cause terror and fear all across the globe it is important now more then ever not to forget what happened in Cambodia in the ’70s.

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Author David Lagercrantz, who is working on the completion of Steig Larsson's world-millennium series, will be speaking about the fifth novel of the series at a Literati event this weekend.

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In essence that’s exactly what the show felt like: hanging out with friends.


As to be expected, the majority of Fenty x Puma’s allure isn’t its subtleties.


While the film does address issues in the legal system facing people of color and the horrifying results of William’s case, the film also documents a family — one forever changed by a bullet.

Despite its shortcomings, “The Fencer” is ultimately a touching story about love and growth.

Out of strong feelings of love and pain comes strength, art, maturity and wisdom.

Everything Aronofsky does perpetuates the idea of “genius” as something that one man (always a man) achieves in a state of monomania, locked in his room, scribbling his masterpiece, riding the wave of adrenaline and the compulsion of God, the muses or innate and unmatchable skill.


When I listened — really listened — to the Avett Brothers that night, it was as if this whole new dimension of life just opened itself for me.