With so much access to news 24/7 it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the amount of information available to us. Even when you narrow your scope from international to national, or even from state news to that of a city or a university, it seems like there is more news being released every moment than any single person could properly digest or understand. For these reasons and more, we like to focus our episodes on certain subjects each week, so we can really dive in and create a story. With that said, sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and appreciate and acknowledge the vast number of things happening here at the University of Michigan. So, this week we at The Daily Weekly are taking a glance at a week of news at the University of Michigan and beyond, and I’ll say…there certainly isn’t a shortage.

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On this episode we are sitting down with two Daily News Reporters, Emma Stein and Francesca Duong, to speak with them regarding the stories they reported on which were released by The Michigan Daily this past week. Respectively, these reporters investigated past Daily coverage of the Office of Institutional Equity processes following the accusations made against University Provost, covered the recent decision from Central Student Government and the Association of Big Ten Students to demand University divestment from fossil fuels, and reported on the difficulties faced by international students looking for internships and long term jobs in the US.

This episode was produced by Audio Engineer Gibson Gillett-Behrens, Executive Producer Sonya Vogel, Audio Producer Jon Coonan, and Content Producers Kareem Rifai and Rachel Fagan. All the amazing music in this episode was made by Gibson Gillett-Behrens.

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