On this episode of The Sit Down, producer Becky Portman chats with the University of Michigan’s own Midnight Book Club, a long-form improv group on campus. 

The group gives us an insider’s look into some of their favorite improv games, showing off some of their best impressions and building off each other’s energy. MBC recalls how the group was formed by theater students in the Residential College back in the day.

Some highlights include Public Policy seniors Alana Spellman and  Ritam Mehta revealing their alter egos with some hilarious voices, and new members Music, Theatre & Dance junior Julian Schwartz and LSA senior Nabeel Chollampat opening up about their expectations and fears in joining the troupe. Music, Theatre & Dance senior Jesse Aaronson an in-depth look at his journey to manhood and his eventful Bar Mitzvah at Broncos Stadium. MBC vice president Emily Bice, a Music, Theatre & Dance senior, shows off some of her freestyle rap skills alongside Music, Theatre & Dance freshman Kyle Prue.

Tune in as MBC joins The Sit Down for the podcast’s first (and funny) comedy episode. For more Midnight Book Club, head to Angell Hall, Auditorium B on Saturday at 8 p.m. for their latest show, “Soy Milk and Vegan Honey: A Tribute to Rupi Kaur.”


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