After almost two years of campaigning, the 2020 General Election is less than one week away! We hope that by now everyone has a plan to vote in place. If you’re voting absentee make sure your ballot has arrived at your local clerk’s office by Tuesday, Nov. 3rd at 8pm. If you still have your ballot while listening to this episode, it’s best to drop off your ballot rather than mail it. The United States Postal Service recommends that if you are mailing your ballot less than two weeks before the election, you should opt to drop off your ballot to ensure that your vote arrives on time and is counted.  If you’re voting in person make sure to wear a mask, socially distance, and sanitize or wash your hands frequently. We urge you to be patient if lines are long. Remember- as long as you are in line before polls close at 8pm, you will be allowed to vote! You can find your voting location by going to the Michigan Secretary of State’s website.

If you’re living on- or near-campus this fall, undergraduate students at the University are urged to stay home under the Washtenaw County Public Health Department Stay-in-Place order. The order generally states that students should stay home except for essential activities in response to increasing COVID-19 cases in the area. Voting is considered an essential activity under this order, so make sure to follow public health guidelines and exercise your right to vote!

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With all of that said, the election is right around the corner. We wanted to take some time to answer last minute questions from voters to make sure you have all the information you need to cast your ballot and know what to expect after. To help answer these questions, and break down what’s on the ballot, we spoke with Daily Reporters Sarah Payne and Hannah Mackay who co-authored the Michigan Daily’s election guide. Then, The Daily Weekly team talks through some voter questions that were submitted to us this week.

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