On Monday, February 3rd, at a community meeting for Saline schools, Adrian Iraola, a father and restaurant owner, was describing the racial abuse his children were experiencing in their Saline schools. Then he was rudely interrupted by another parent who asked, “why didn’t you stay in Mexico?” The interaction brought to light racial divisions within Saline which are also permeating throughout other parts of the country. In another instance, Karamba Kaba, a Saline football player, spoke out about a snapchat group chat he was invited into by his teammates that was made specifically to make racist comments. In fact, it was this group chat that prompted the meeting at which Mr. Iraola was interrupted. Saline is 90% white, contrast this with Washtenaw county which, as a whole, is 70% white and 30% non-white. This week we’re going to examine diversity in Saline area schools (or the lack thereof), how this impacts students, and what the School board is trying to do to address issues related to diversity in Saline schools.

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