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Sundance 2021: In ‘Prisoners of the Ghostland,’ Nic Cage rampages with a purpose

In the first scene of “Prisoners of the Ghostland,” Nicholas Cage (“Color Out of Space”) bursts into a bank lobby, screaming “Bonsai!” and wielding a shotgun.  The film gets crazier from there.  “Prisoners of the Ghostland” is director Sion Sono’s (“Antiporno”) first English-language film, a wild romp of bullets, blood and neon lights. It’s set […]

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The top ten films of 2020

1. “Nomadland” In an unconventional year for cinema, it’s only fitting that an unconventional story like Chloé Zhao’s (“The Rider”) “Nomadland” would be a top Oscar contender. The film chronicles a year in the life of Fran (Frances McDormand, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbings, Missouri”), a modern nomad. Fran lost her home in a company town […]

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A roundtable on ‘Ma’

  Anish Tamhaney, Daily Film Beat Editor: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the film beats roundtable on the 2019 film “Ma,” maybe one of the most perplexing movies of that year and maybe ever made. Let’s get started. What was your experience watching “Ma” for the first time? Mary-Elizabeth Johnson, Daily Arts Writer: I wrote […]