Letter to the Editor: Hoekstra not best representation of Michigan


Published November 5, 2012

The Michigan Daily published two pieces about Pete Hoekstra and both completely neglected to mention the bigoted and racially charged attack advertisement that Hoekstra aired during the Super Bowl. The advertisement featured an Asian actress speaking in an American accent, but with broken grammar generally associated with Asians who have learned English as a second language. The actress rides a bike through a field of rice paddies and thanks "Debbie Spend-It-Now" for sending American jobs to China.

The advertisement was accompanied by a website featuring equally stereotypical representations of Asian culture, all in an attempt to make Americans fear China for Hoekstra's political gain. The advertisement was bigoted and xenophobic, and was decried by Democrats, Republicans and non-partisan groups alike. He has refused on multiple occasions to apologize for this advertisement. Regardless of his politics, Hoekstra has proven himself a bigot. He's not someone that I want, much less consider capable, of representing the great state of Michigan, and its residents of all colors and creeds.

Ross Warman
LSA Junior