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The Daily Weekly: September 14, 2018 - Welcome back to The Daily Weekly! In this first episode of the semester, Jen Meer and Colin Beresford find out what students are making of the end of Michigan Time and the renovation of the Michigan Union. LSA junior Yoav Jacob discusses his work as an EMT last game day, and Jazmine LaCaze, a senior in the School of Education, speaks about her work as a Black Welcome Week committee member.

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The Daily Weekly: April 13, 2018 - On this week's episode of The Daily Weekly, Maya talks to Ian Robinson, the president of the Lecturers Employee Organization, about LEO's decision not to strike earlier this week, as well as their continued bargaining with the University. Then, Colin talks to Daily Staff Reporter Zayna Syed about students’ disappointment with how the mandatory Race and Ethnicity Requirement is carried out. Listen on iTunes or via Soundcloud below.

This is our final episode of the semester. Tune in next Fall for more of The Daily Weekly!

Arts, Interrupted: April 11, 2018: This week on Arts, Interrupted, we talk about the comeback kid of the music industry — vinyl records. We're joined by Daily Arts Writers and vinyl enthusiasts, Sean Lang and Mike Watkins. Watkins recently wrote about the Arts vinyl resurgence in Ann Arbor for The Daily. And make sure to stick around until the end of the episode for an interview with Herm Baker of Vertigo Music in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

The Daily Weekly: April 6, 2018 - On this week’s episode of The Daily Weekly, Colin Beresford discusses the Lecturers’ Employee Union’s decision to strike if the University does not meet their demands by Monday. Maya Goldman interviews The Michigan Daily’s Basketball Beat about their coverage of the Michigan Men’s Basketball season, primarily March Madness, which wrapped up this week — Michigan coming in second, after losing to Villanova in the Championship. And Jennifer Meer talks to Maya about her Statement Lead this week on an American Accent workshop at the University. Listen on iTunes or on Soundcloud below.
The Daily Weekly: March 30, 2018 - On this installment of The Daily Weekly, Jennifer Meer talks to reporter Catherine Nouhan about her experience covering Ann Arbor’s March for Our Lives. Maya Goldman sits down with Research reporter Molly Norris and Crime reporter Zayna Syed about articles they wrote this week regarding drug abuse on campus. And then Colin Beresford and Administration editor Matt Harmon discuss the University of Michigan Regents' recent decision to rename the C.C. Little building and West Quad’s Winchell House, and the student-led activism that got us to this point. Listen on iTunes or via the Soundcloud link below.

The Daily Weekly: March 23, 2018 - It’s CSG campaign week on campus, and results come out tonight. Colin talks to election director Brian Koziara about his role in the process and what will happen if Reggie Campus Corgi actually wins. Course backpacking also began this week, so Jen will sit down with Academics Beat reporter Sayali Amin, who wrote a piece about students’ mixed feelings about LSA advising. And Maya will discuss the University’s recent decision to defer Greek life rush to second semester for freshmen. Listen on iTunes, or on Soundcloud below.

The Daily Weekly: March 16, 2018 - On this special edition of The Daily Weekly Maya Goldman and Colin Beresford recap Thursday's Central Student Government Debate. At the event, hosted by The Michigan Daily, presidential and vice presidential candidates from the MomentUMMVisionaMplifyTrue Blue and Empower parties discussed campus issues and future plans. Listen on iTunes or via SoundCloud. 


Arts, Interrupted: Cultivating Cool, The Sneaker Episode - Sneaker culture has hit the mainstream and we need to get with it. Why are sneakers cool? Highsnobiety contributor Alex Rakestraw and Managing Podcast Editor Avery Friedman join Anay and Rebecca to examine the extravagant sneaker culture in all its glory.
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The Daily Weekly: March 9, 2018 - On this episode of The Daily Weekly, Maya Goldman talks to Colin Beresford about white supremacist Richard Spencer’s visit to Michigan State University on Monday. Colin will also talk to the Daily’s Community Affairs beat reporters Shannon Ors and Lizzy Lawrence about their series of articles on DACA and undocumented students at the University. Later, Jen will talk to Caleb Chadwell about his Statement lead.
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Things Men Ruined: Welcome to the inaugural episode of Things Men Ruined! In this episode, Emily and Natalie revisit the year 2017 by taking a look at its political and cultural milestones and asking the question: Was 2017 a woman’s revolution?

The Daily Weekly: February 16, 2018 - Maya Goldman and Colin Beresford, along with Daily Staff Reporter Leah Graham, discuss the Lecturers' Employee Organization's bargaining with the administration. Jennifer Meer also spoke with Maria Malinowski, the VP of MUSIC Matters. Listen on iTunes here

Arts, Interrupted: The Case for Cupcakke - Join us as we discuss Chicago rapper Cupcakke, who came on the scene as a teenager with the song "Vagina." Listen for our analysis of Cupcakke's overtly sexual style as well as interviews (done at Necto during Pride Night) with Cupcakke herself.
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The Daily Weekly: February 9, 2018 - Colin Beresford sits down with Riley Langefeld to talk about Joe Biden coming to Ann Arbor, and the recent State of the State address. Later, Jen Meer talks about the recent Michigan in Color Statement lead, as well as other notable news events.