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Visitors packed the streets for the Ann Arbor Art Fair Thursday afternoon. Isaac Mangold/Daily. Buy this photo.

ART FAIR TAKES A2 BY STORM: Along with the blazing heat and pouring rain, the Ann Arbor Art Fair welcomed back more than 5,000 people to the streets with hundreds of art vendors. It was a busy weekend for local restaurants as well, giving townies the taste of what a football weekend might look like in the fall. 

The National Weather Service issued a flood warning for Washtenaw County on Friday, July 16, the second day of the Art Fair. Despite the rain, many artists remained open and the downpour eventually stopped late Friday afternoon. 

Hundreds of artists exhibited and sold their work at the Ann Arbor Art Fair Thursday afternoon. Allison Engkvist/Daily. Buy this photo.

DISASTER DECLARATION: Extensive flooding in late June caused President Biden to approve a disaster declaration for Washtenaw and Wayne Counties. The declaration allows for federal funds to be made available to individuals to help with home repairs, loans and other programs to assist residents impacted by the flooding  … Apply for federal assistance

RECALL RULING: According to a Thursday ruling in Washtenaw County Circuit Court, the petition to recall CM Jeff Hayner, D-Ward 1, can proceed. Hayner had appealed the May certification of the petition by the Washtenaw County Election Commission, claiming the petition’s language was inaccurate.  

The petition is being levied by First Ward resident Ariah Schugat, and it needs 2,264 signatures from Ward 1 voters by July 30 to trigger a recall election. Hayner told MLive he believes the recall effort is a “political hit job.”

PUBLIC SAFETY ALERTS: Two women were assaulted in separate incidents in downtown Ann Arbor on Friday night. The suspect has been described as a clean-shaven, six-foot-tall male in his early 20s, wearing a grey hoodie. 

Ann Arbor resident Kenneth Hohenthaner was killed in a hit and run accident Wednesday at the intersection of Platt Rd. and Packard St. Hohenthaner was riding a moped when he was struck by an SUV that continued driving. A GoFundMe has been created by family members to raise money for Hohenthaner’s funeral expenses.

On Friday, July 9, a man was killed in a shooting at an apartment on State St. AAPD has said there is no “general risk” to the public related to the incident.

Any information regarding these incidents can be reported to the Ann Arbor Police Department Tip Line at (734)-794-6939.

CONSTRUCTION SEASON: Jackson Ave. near the intersection at Maple Rd. will have traffic reduced to single lanes, due to emergency construction. The change will be implemented this morning until August 10. 

FEATHERED FRIEND FLOCKS TO WC:  A roseate spoonbill, a bird typically native to South America and southern coastal states, has been spotted in Washtenaw County. Michigan Department of Natural Resources biologists believe the bird may have escaped from a zoo. To see the spoonbill this far north is rare and has attracted birders from all over the area, so if you see people standing in the middle of the road with binoculars looking at a flamingo-esque bird, don’t be alarmed.

BACK TO BUSINESS: Ann Arbor’s Necto nightclub reopened July 16 and Casa Dominick’s restaurant reopened July 13. 

Students and community members gather for Pride on the Diag Saturday afternoon. Becca Mahon/Daily. Buy this photo.

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We value your opinion! Each week we will pose a question and share reader responses in the following edition.

This week’s prompt: How does the increased spread of the COVID-19 delta variant across the country affect precautions you will take on a day-to-day basis and your opinion of Ann Arbor’s return to normal?

Last week’s prompt: How do you feel about City Council holding a public disciplinary hearing for CM Jeff Hayner after he quoted a homophobic slur on Facebook and used the n-word in conversation with a Black journalist? Hayner has said his conversation shouldn’t be subject to disciplinary action by the Council because he considers it to be a private conversation. 

“I appreciate the efforts being made by the City Council to hold CM Hayner accountable for his homophobic and racist language, especially since he has been unwilling to meaningfully engage in efforts to understand the harm his words have caused or to repair the hurt that has resulted. … As the LGBTQ Liaison to the Mayor’s Office and an LGBTQ policy researcher, I know well how harmful this type of language can be, particularly to LGBTQ youth, including youth of color, in Ann Arbor and beyond.”  – Naomi, 38

“As a First Ward resident and voter, the actions taken by City Council regarding CM Hayner are appropriate in my opinion, however it is also my opinion he should resign his seat since his behaviors and actions have been an embarrassment to our community. This past Saturday, the Washtenaw County Democratic Party affirmed a resolution asking Jeff Hayner to resign.” – Luis, 63, Ann Arbor

“I don’t want to ‘cancel’ CM Hayner because of the poor way he has chosen to exercise his rights of free expression.  I want to see him voted off of City Council because he so transparently represents the interests of those who already own single family homes in Ann Arbor and who work to prevent other property owners from (re)developing their parcels to accommodate more of us citizens who would like to live near city amenities.” – Paul, 39, Pittsfield Twp.

“This is a political witch hunt and shows the danger of not following due process. … What problem is actually being solved here? Not the one you think! You think you’re going to send the message that racism and homophobia will not be tolerated? Hardly! The proposed measures will not do anything to mitigate these problems — what they will do is give a political weapon to the Taylor machine to eliminate its political opponents. … Mayor Taylor needs to go!” – John, 30, Ann Arbor

“As one who occasionally provides public comments on Council agenda items to City Council members by email, I have been subjected to CM Hayner’s rude, sarcastic or otherwise inappropriate responses several times. He neither respects his public office nor the citizens he serves. A public dressing-down is the least he deserves.” – Karen, 71, Ann Arbor

“CM Hayner’s remarks were initially a quotation from Hunter Thompson directed at the press not at an individual. He was not using the words to cause harm, but rather to show his frustration at having been singled out for negative commentary. He made additional remarks as an example to show his thinking about the original statement. …  He set himself up in a boneheaded manner, but he has been reprimanded. … He appears to be targeted because he is not part of the new Council majority. The Ann Arbor community should be able to entertain discussion of abstractions and know the difference between that and racial or homophobic hatred.”  – Barbara, 77, Ann Arbor

Washtenaw County reported 11 new COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours and 62 cases in the past two weeks. More than 68% of Washtenaw County residents aged 16 and over have received at least one vaccine dose. 

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