October 28, 2021

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Welcome to the Oct. 27 edition of the Weekly Roundup. We hope you’re enjoying the changing leaves and getting into the Halloween spirit! If not, we have some spooky content that’s sure to do the trick (or treat). After watching an exciting football game on Saturday, we got back to work covering all the news on campus and preparing for one of the biggest rivalries in college sports this weekend: the Michigan-Michigan State game. 

This week, The Michigan Daily covers updates of the Robert Anderson case, presents our annual dueling-columns collaboration with writers from The State News and showcases a collection of our Halloween pieces! 

It may be the most sexual abuse allegations against a single person in U.S. history. What’s happening with Robert Anderson case litigation?

Survivors of the late U-M athletic physician Robert Anderson have filed over 850 individual lawsuits and two large class-action lawsuits against the University of Michigan since allegations of sexual abuse came out in 2020. In following the progress of these cases, The Daily found plaintiffs frustrated over the University’s slow handling of its court-ordered mediation, with Jonathan Vaughn — a former U-M running back and Anderson survivor — saying, “There really hasn’t been any substantive negotiation at all.”

Vaugn and others have been protesting the University’s handling of Anderson allegations in front of University President Mark Schlissel’s house since Oct. 8, and the fight in the courtroom is far from over as persecuting lawyers like Michael Cox argue just how far the University went to bury Anderson’s abuse. Attorneys like Annika Martin say class-action lawsuits can institute action not only for survivors of Anderson’s abuse but also for current and future U-M students.

Dueling Columns: The Michigan Daily vs. The State News

In the week leading up to the Michigan-Michigan State football game, writers from The Daily and the student newspaper at Michigan State play each other in our own touch football game, which The State News hasn’t won in 16 years. We also exchange dueling columns ahead of the game. 

“It’s cute that you’re finally practicing for the game,” Daily Managing Sports Editor Kent Schwartz writes. “Maybe your #MarginalGains will get you to the point where you lose 8-1, instead of 8-0. Maybe you won’t have to weather accusations of not trying from your own alumni. Maybe you’ll still get that keg for simply scoring on us. Maybe you’ll actually tweet a story from your sports account, something you haven’t done since Oct. 8. 

When we beat you for the 16th time in a row this Friday, it won’t be because we have any ‘riffraff off the street’ on our staff.

It’ll be because we’re better than you — at journalism and touch football.”

Getting in the Halloween spirit, TMD-style

Whether you’re going out, staying in, or just in it for the candy, creative costumes and decorations, The Daily’s got you covered with some ways to get in the Halloween spirit. If you like scary movies, or even if you don’t, check out Daily Arts’s “Frights, Camera, Action!” series, giving an in-depth review of classic Halloween movies from the “​​most intense movie-viewing experience” “The Exorcist” to the meta, genre-bending “Scream.” If you’d rather read about scary movies, check out the Halloween edition of our magazine The Statement,exploring spooky topics from the ghost of Helen Newberry to the scariest thing of all: getting older.    

The University of Michigan is putting in place strict vaccination compliance measures for faculty and staff at all three of its campuses after five weeks of higher positive case numbers seen in these populations compared to the student population.

Faculty have until the end of the academic semester to comply with the mandate before being placed on a 30-day unpaid leave, according to a new Monday announcement from the University. If they are still non-compliant by the end of their leave, “they will be subject to the applicable dismissal process.”

Meanwhile, beginning Nov. 8, any staff member without an exemption that has not begun their vaccination process will not be allowed to work or receive pay for a 30-day period, according to the announcement. Any staff member that is still unvaccinated and has not been granted an exception by Dec. 8 will be terminated from their employment contract.

The biggest news, Tweets, events of interest (and maybe some jokes) captured from Twitter.

Photo Essay: Winds of change in the Windy City

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