October 14, 2021

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Welcome to the Oct. 14 edition of the Weekly Roundup. Fall break technically starts tomorrow, but we all know today is when we mentally check out… So happy fall break! We hope you take some time to relax and get away from the stresses of school. If you’re looking for some content to enjoy with your time off, we’ve got you covered. 

This week, protesters demand action outside University President Mark Schlissel’s house in response to more than 2,000 allegations of sexual misconduct against former Michigan Athletics doctor Robert Anderson, The Statement magazine steps away from reality in the Fiction Edition, and The Michigan Daily’s Arts writers dive into our complicated relationship with food.

Anderson survivors rally outside Schlissel’s house, demand University accountability

More than 100 people gathered with former University of Michigan running back Jonathan Vaughn, who has been camping in a tent outside President Mark Schlissel’s residence for over 120 hours, to protest the University’s handling of more than 2,000 reported allegations against Dr. Robert Anderson and demand greater transparency and support for sexual misconduct victims. 

The protest was organized in response to a Sept. 23 Board of Regents meeting, in which no University official verbally acknowledged the attendance of hundreds of former student athletes who were survivors of Dr. Anderson. 

“I will be here, then I will recruit others to sit with me to stay with me,” Vaughn said to the crowd “We will be here, I guarantee you, until this is over. Until every male or female, feel safe at this University.”

The Fiction Edition

The Daily strives to be a source of accurate and reliable information for students and local residents. But this week, The Statement is throwing that out the window. From using paper cranes as a means of moving on to capitalism and its inescapability all around us, let the Fiction Edition take your mind away from the obligations of the day-to-day and into a world beyond wonders. 

Take a step back from the news, escape from the real world and dive into the issue here.

The Food B-Side

“Like art, food has the ability to bring us back to our fondest memories of people, places and moments. Food can comfort us and help us feel connected to others, but it can also force us to confront our deepest insecurities. We make countless movies, television shows, cookbooks, songs and TikToks honoring food. And I, for one, will never stop getting sucked into the trap of watching videos of a stranger cook and consume their own delicious creation in the wee hours of the nighttime.”

Arts Editor Sophia Yoon introduces the second B-Side of the 2021-2022 school year, in which Daily Arts investigates our deep-rooted relationship with food and how it influences our self-expression in all forms of art — literature, film, social media and much more. This is the Food B-Side.

‘I felt disposable’: UMich faculty experience difficulties obtaining approval for remote instruction this semester

COVID-19 cases on campus remain at a low-level plateau, according to U-M officials. Ninety-six percent of students and faculty, 88% of employees and 87% of staff are fully vaccinated. 

In an interview with The Daily, University President Mark Schlissel said he is satisfied with the COVID-19 numbers a month into classes. “The student body and the faculty and the staff have responded really well to the vaccine mandate,” Schlissel said. “Even the cases we’re seeing are pretty mild, so that’s good news. We still are not seeing the spread in the classroom, that’s good news.”

“So far so good, but we have to remain vigilant,” he added. 

Some instructors across campus are expressing concerns about COVID-19 protocols currently in place despite being told the classroom is “the safest place to be on campus” by the administration. Some of those who were denied the ability to teach remotely said they struggled with helplessness and a feeling of despair without resources to accommodate their or their family’s vulnerability to COVID-19.

The biggest news, Tweets, events of interest (and maybe some jokes) captured from Twitter.

Becoming one with the Diag squirrels

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