November 17, 2022
by Christian Juliano

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Welcome back to The Weekly Roundup, our final edition before Thanksgiving Break. The Michigan football team shucked the Nebraska Cornhuskers at The Big House on Saturday, but not before a special delivery of rain and snow was brought to Ann Arbor during the game. Winter might finally be here.

Either way, The Michigan Daily covered all of the week’s most important stories, just like we always do. You all know the drill by now. This week, Ben Shapiro made a controversial appearance in Ann Arbor to speak at Rackham Auditorium, students gave their thoughts on Santa Ono’s first month in office, a federal judge struck down Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan and more.

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Ben Shapiro speaks at UMich, incites mixed reactions for controversial viewpoints on race, gender

On Tuesday, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro was welcomed to campus by the U-M chapter of Young Americans for Freedom for a lecture and conversation at Rackham Auditorium. Just outside of the event, dozens of protesters lined the streets holding signs that read “No to Shapiro. No to Bigotry” while chanting “Ben’s a mouthpiece of the state. No sense, just hate”. For more thoughts from protesters about Shapiro coming to campus and what he spoke about, click here.

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Students react to Santa Ono’s first month as UMich president

University President Santa Ono’s career thus far has been defined by a series of firsts: first U-M football game, first time tossing t-shirts to fans, first tweet as University President and, of course, his first month here in Ann Arbor. Despite the sometimes anonymous nature of the University President role, Ono has been anything but, taking just about every opportunity he can to engage with students. Many have greatly appreciated Ono’s style of leadership, saying that it is clear he is willing to listen to students at all times. 

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President Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program struck down by federal judge: now what?

Last Thursday, a federal judge in Texas struck down President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, delivering a setback to one of the president’s most significant policy achievements thus far. The court ruled the program unlawful, saying the administration did not hold the authority to create the program as it stands. Click the link for more on what this decision will actually mean for the program. 

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Editor’s Note: This newsletter has been updated to more accurately reflect the number of protesters outside Rackham Auditorium before Ben Shapiro’s event.