November 11, 2021

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Welcome to the Nov. 11 edition of the Weekly Roundup. We hope you enjoyed an extra hour of sleep on Sunday and are soaking up every minute of precious sunlight. Each year, the end of daylight saving time reminds us that the long Michigan winter is coming, so enjoy the beautiful fall days while you can. 

This week, The Daily spent twenty-four hours with Robert Anderson survivors, an Opinion columnist urges President Mark Schlissel to speak with survivor Jonathan Vaughn, and Michigan men’s and women’s basketball embark on their highly anticipated revenge tours.

24 hours with the Robert Anderson survivor protesters outside Schlissel’s house

The Daily spent 24 hours with the protesters who have been camping outside University President Mark Schlissel’s house since Oct. 8. The protesters are survivors of Dr. Robert Anderson, the former university doctor with hundreds of allegations of sexual assault — possibly the most allegations against a single person in U.S. history. Protesters say the University has failed to acknowledge their presence and are asking for Schlissel and the Board of Regents to have a formal conversation with them about the University’s role in perpetuating Anderson’s abuse.

Through hour-by-hour reporting, pictures, videos and interviews, The Daily documented a full day at the protest site. 

Dear President Schlissel, talk to Jon.

“Being the ‘Leaders and Best’ is not a passive description of who we are, but a higher calling we are charged to pursue in all we do; if we don’t have that in the highest office, what are we as an institution? If you can’t do this one small act that would make a large impact in the lives of these survivors, and survivors of other scandals under your tenure, then I suggest you close this article, gather your personal belongings and resign immediately instead of in June 2023 as planned. Make sure you sneak out the backdoor so you don’t risk bumping into a real ‘Leader and Best.’”

Opinion columnist Andrew Gerace urges President Schlissel to step outside and give the survivors camping outside his house the acknowledgment they deserve. Anderson survivor and former Michigan football player Jonathan Vaughn is seeking an opportunity to talk to Schlissel, but Schlissel has so far not engaged with Vaughn directly.

The Return to Wolverine Basketball

Michigan basketball is back! 

The Michigan men’s basketball team is entering its 2021-22 season with high expectations. Though key players like All-American center Hunter Dickinson and sharpshooter Eli Brooks have returned, the team’s success will largely depend on unfamiliar faces — transfer point guard Devante’ Jones and six promising freshmen from a top-notch recruiting class. 

The 11th-ranked women’s team, on the other hand, will have to rely on their veteran roster for success. Coupled with an unmatched work ethic, the seniors are ready to make a name for Michigan women’s basketball with hopes of winning the Big Ten Championship for the first time in program history. The Wolverines have a path to establish their legacy despite a loaded Big Ten conference and what could possibly be their toughest non-conference schedule ever. If the Wolverines clean up defensive mistakes made in their season opener on Tuesday night, they have a real path to victory.

Student cases of COVID-19 at the University have risen significantly over the past week, U-M officials said in an update released Tuesday to the University’s COVID-19 dashboard. While case counts are higher, 96% of those infected were either asymptomatic or had only mild symptoms. 98% of the student population is fully vaccinated. 

Since Oct. 31, the University has reported 247 cases of COVID-19. Over the same period, 7,024 people received COVID-19 tests, yielding a positivity rate of 3.5%. The majority of the increased spread is attributable to social gatherings without masks, according to the dashboard. Student cases make up 17% of the total cases in Washtenaw County.

The biggest news, Tweets, events of interest (and maybe some jokes) captured from Twitter.

Michigan vs. Indiana | Nov. 6, 2021

The Miseducation Project

Welcome to The Miseducation Project! Our goal is to redirect The Michigan Daily’s available resources to create a blog-style, multimedia interface. The project features student art — and artists — and themes of perseverance and celebration within traditionally marginalized student communities. This is intended to be a collaborative space, where our team works to provide you with adequate resources and a platform to execute a work, or works, of art. With this project, we hope to expand the lens of journalism, storytelling and digital access to art and artists. 

As we begin curating our next exhibit, loosely themed “Respiration,” we are opening submissions to artists who have completed works of art, or art projects they want to pursue. Click here to submit by Monday, Nov. 15. 

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