April 21, 2022

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This week, former Music, Theatre & Dance professor Stephen Shipps was sentenced to five years in prison, the campus community reacted to a vandalized RA bulletin board in Markley, Public Policy Dean Michael Barr was nominated as the Fed’s Vice Chair for Supervision and more.

Former SMTD professor sentenced to five years in prison

On Thursday, former Music, Theatre & Dance professor Stephen Shipps was sentenced to five years in prison for transporting a minor across state lines while committing sexual misconduct against her. On multiple occasions in his stints at both the University of Michigan Music, Theatre & Dance School and the North Carolina School of the Arts, survivors, students and colleagues alike came forward with accusations of sexual assault, but administrators failed to make any substantive change and Shipps was able to continue teaching. With Shipps finally facing punishment, read more from Daily Staff Reporter Sammy Sussman on the sentencing and the many women who have come forward with their experiences.

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UMich campus community reacts to R.A. bulletin board vandalism, raises concerns on racism and housing

On April 9, LSA senior and Resident Adviser Soloman Lucy posted an Instagram video of a vandalized bulletin board featuring posters about Black History Month, Women’s History Month and a photo of Lucy himself in Mary Markley Residence Hall. Lucy noticed the destroyed bulletin board at 3 a.m. on Fri., April 8 and posted the video to Twitter as well. Read on about how campus organizations and community members reacted to the video. 

Public Policy Dean Barr nominated as Fed Vice Chair for Supervision 

On Friday, Dean of the University of Michigan’s Ford School of Public Policy Michael Barr was chosen to be nominated as the Vice Chair for Supervision of the Federal Reserve by President Joe Biden. If confirmed, Barr would be one of seven members serving on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Read more about what roles Barr will take on at the Fed if confirmed.  

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