November 9, 2021

UMich researchers gave out free Apple Watches for a study. Here’s what they found

What would you do for a free Apple Watch? Just under 7,000 participants in a University of Michigan study agreed to share health data with scientists in exchange for a free Apple Watch. The study evaluated the health data recorded by wearable devices and had some compelling findings. Read about those findings and the funding for the smart watches here.

The Michigan-Michigan State rivalry is obnoxious

“As a senior in high school, I chose not to apply to the University of Michigan largely because of how pretentious Michigan fans had always appeared to be, as they often made sure everyone knew that Michigan was the better school. Now that I’m a student here, though I see there are certain students who find worth and validation in our school’s ranking above MSU, I also see many students who couldn’t care less about our school’s average SAT score or that of our opponents.”

Daily Columnist Olivia Mouradian recounts her life long experience with the Michigan versus Michigan State Rivalry and how this rivalry utilizes classism and stereotypes.

Mark Patrick: Coming off last years historic season, the Wolverines want to create a name for themselves

The Wolverines hope to pick up right where last season’s historic run left off with a big goal in mind: winning the Big Ten Championship for the first time in program history. The journey to the Championship starts this Tuesday night at home against Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis. The five seniors — Emily Kiser, Naz Hillmon, Amy Dilk, Danielle Rauch and Leigha Brown — believe they have established a strong culture harnessing veteran leadership, and they hope that it will help them succeed later in the season.

The power of the Spotify playlist

The Outsider B-Side:

There comes a point in everyone’s lives when we get tired of trying to exist in the norm, tired of trying to fit every piece of ourselves into well-defined and popular categories. And so, we take a bite of the forbidden fruit, venturing out toward the periphery. If only for a brief moment, we become outsiders.

But who gets to decide what the “outside” really is? Daily Arts tries to answer just that.

Why do we gatekeep?

It’s an honor to be like other girls

The Opinion section has space in The Michigan Daily for first-person accounts of sexual misconduct and its various implications. In this series, submissions underpinned by the experience of survivors will be published, aiming to highlight their essential perspectives.

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