January 16, 2022

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On Saturday evening, the University of Michigan’s Board of Regents voted to remove Mark Schlissel from the role of University president effective immediately. Here is the most important news regarding this decision, what happens next and how all of the news affects you.

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Board of Regents fire Schlissel following an investigation revealing “inappropriate behaviors” with a University subordinate:

UMich President Mark Schlissel fired for “inappropriate relationship” with employee

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Details of Schlissel’s relationship with U-M subordinate: 

Emails between Schlissel, anonymous employee reveal inappropriate relationship

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Mary Sue Coleman, former U-M President from 2002-2014 and President of the Association of American Colleges from 2016-2020, will serve as interim U-M President. Read to learn more about Coleman’s tenure as University President:

Coleman announces retirement in July 2014

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Schlissel will no longer receive the severance package originally negotiated with Regents. Read below for further details on the proposed deal:

Inside the contract: UMich President Schlissel to be paid full salary two years after resignation

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Students, U-M community play Mr. Brightside and Pump It Up outside the president’s residence after Regents announce Schlissel’s termination:

U-M students gather outside president’s house to celebrate Schlissel’s firing

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