January 11, 2023
by Anna McCarley

Design by Serena Shen

One semester down: How campus feels about Santa Ono after fall 2022

Following the term of former University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel, which infamously and abruptly ended last January, the campus community was excited about a change in leadership. Now, the University has officially had a full semester of University President Santa Ono, and many feel he is living up to  expectations. Students and faculty feel positive about his commitment to the environment and sustainability, and his desire to understand campus life.

City Council reviews winter sidewalk safety resolution

The Ann Arbor City Council met for the first time in the new year to discuss a new budget for winter sidewalk maintenance. The council discussed the cost of paying additional staff and a new snow-clearing program, known as A2 Snow Match. The projected cost of implementing these changes for two years is $935,305.

Courtesy of Eryn Stern

SACUA discusses UMich tenure positions, land acknowledgments

The Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (SACUA) met to discuss tenure positions at the University on Monday. Many committee members expressed their desire for institutional change to the current system. SACUA also discussed the University’s land acknowledgment – which is currently displayed on a small plaque on Central Campus. The committee discussed the potential to increase the significance of the statement and its presentation. No official decisions were made.

A young man holding a glass of beer slips on a banana peel.

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In defense of bad decisions

This image was taken from the official trailer for “Babylon,” distributed by Paramount

‘Babylon’: Damien Chazelle’s Garden of Californian Delights

If you’re looking for a dazzling deep-dive into all the glitz and glamour of 1920s Hollywood, look no further than Damien Chazelle’s splashy and highly anticipated new film, “Babylon.” With all the soaring visuals of his 2016 sensation, “La La Land,” “Babylon” is the perfect way to cinematically kick off 2023.

Design by Evelyne Lee

Inspired by: Steph Bohrer

This image was taken from the official trailer for “Decision to Leave,” distributed by CJ Entertainment

‘Decision to Leave’ is a stylish, intimate and deceptive romantic thriller

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