September 21, 2021

Michigan Medicine gives 200 Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses to county health department

Since the University of Michigan stopped sending classroom and building COVID-19 notifications last week, some students have expressed concern that unknown exposures could lead to increased spread of the virus. Others wish the program would have been improved to provide more clarity, and some are thankful alerts were ended altogether citing their ambiguity.

A look back: One year online at the University of Michigan

Multiple landlords and leasing companies in Ann Arbor are pushing back against a City Council ordinance passed on Aug. 2 that requires landlords to wait until 150 days prior to the end of a lease before showing prospective tenants properties.

Student organizations discuss adjusting to in-person events

Following a mostly virtual year, many of the over 1,700 student organizations are now returning to in-person events, similar to pre-pandemic life. Others, however, are reaping the benefits of continuing with a flexible virtual or hybrid format. Regardless of the format for upcoming events, clubs were mostly grateful to in-person Festifall’s return for easing the recruiting process.

New renters commission with non-voting landlord members approved by Ann Arbor City Council

‘Our classroom is our domain’: Faculty governance members criticize UMich’s process to request teaching remotely

What Are UMich Students Listening To?

‘Entourage’ and changing attitudes toward sexual harassment in Hollywood

As a product of the early 2000s, the show ‘Entourage,’ in the context of today’s climate, seems like an ancient cultural artifact. The homogeneous straight and white cast fails to reflect the true makeup of society, and women serve as romantic interests, without much personality or character beyond that. Daily Arts Writer Aidan Harris argues that ‘Entourage’ should not be viewed as a commentary on sexual harassment in the entertainment industry, but rather as a meta portrayal of it.

‘The Melodic Blue’: Welcome to the rap game, Baby Keem

Greta Van Fleet’s Strange Horizons takes us from the fires to dancing among the stars

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