September 29, 2021

“He was part of Michigan’s inner circle.”

Teri Anderson, the former daughter-in-law of the ex-University physician Robert Anderson, spoke at a press conference Tuesday morning. She stated she believes that Anderson was shielded from consequences by the University administration in response to the allegations of sexual assault against him due to his high status in the atheltic department.

CSG debates Assembly’s impact in supporting Ann Arbor’s early leasing ordinances and changes to UMich sexual misconduct policies

The University of Michigan Central Student Government convened Tuesday night to discuss the status of the Ann Arbor City Council legal battle regarding early leasing ordinances. The Assembly also passed a resolution endorsing a faculty motion on the University’s sexual misconduct policy for the Oct. 4 Senate Assembly meeting.

Michigan’s offense will go as far as coaches take it

Michigan’s offensive line had performed in the first three games of the season, but after a scoreless second half nearly led to an implosion in Saturday’s 20-13 win over Rutgers, the questions started to resurface.  That brings up the critical question of the season: The offense has the personnel to score points. But does it have the coaching?

Dr. Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve discusses racial stigma in American courts at Ford School event

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UMich Students, let’s address burnout together

With the transition from online to in person school in full force, many students who had become adjusted to the less structured environment of online classes and extracurriculars are finding themselves facing burnout. In order to combat this, it is key for student organizations to continue to be accommodating and flexible as students readjust to a more time-consuming schedule, as well as for students to be in good communication with both professors and student organization leaders.

It’s time for a national service

Take COVID-19 classroom notifications into your own hands

The Miseducation Project is a digital archive providing space for people to share their life’s work.  The goal is to redirect The Michigan Daily’s available resources to create a blog-style, multimedia interface. The project features student art — and artists — and themes of perseverance and celebration within traditionally marginalized student communities. As we begin curating our next exhibit, loosely themed “Respiration,” we are opening submissions to artists who have completed works of art, or art projects they want to pursue. 

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