October 29, 2021

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The Daily’s Football beat predicts Wolverines’ matchup at Michigan State

Michigan and Michigan State are both entering this weekend’s rivalry game with a 7-0 record — but only one will remain unblemished after Saturday. The Daily Football Beat breaks down their predictions for the highly anticipated match up.

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Voter turnout among college-aged populations has increased, Public Policy professors find

Last night, the Ford School of Public Policy hosted a virtual discussion on student voting behavior after a study showed students have been voting more with each subsequent election. Susan Jekielek, a research scientist at the University of Michigan, said her team is “hyped up” about the current state of collegiate voting. Panelists cited universities’ turnout efforts and increased passion for activism among college students as drivers of the increase in voting. The data also show consistently higher turnouts among Asian American and Hispanic people, two populations with historically lower voting rates.

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‘Shared Legacies’ documentary screening reveals Black, Jewish community partnerships during Civil Rights Movement, sparks new conversations

The U of M’s chapter of the Spill the Honey Foundation hosted the screening of the documentary “Shared Legacies.” The documentary focused on the relationship between Black and Jewish communities in the United States during the Civil Rights Movement. Students discussed the significance of the screening at the University and the impact of the documentary itself. 

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As a man, ally and survivor: #MeToo

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A list for the cultural foodie

Michigan in Color columnist Kayla Thomas reflects on the intersection of food and culture and how trying new cuisines has inspired her to learn more about the culinary traditions behind them. From Ann Arbor classics like Jerusalem Garden to popular bubble tea spots like Tea Ninja, there are many opportunities for students to explore other cultures through food. 

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Ghost stories

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Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus presents global perspectives on public health

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