October 28, 2021

With return to in-person activities, campus community talks experience with burnout

In navigating this in-person fall semester, students across campus share concerns with burnout. Student organizations, professors and University resources discuss strategies to cope with burnout and what’s needed institutionally going forward. 

UMich study finds little COVID-19 spread between campus and Ann Arbor community last fall

Little spread of the COVID-19 virus was transmitted from campus to the surrounding communities last fall, according to a new U-M study. The low transmission rate was due to low levels of interaction between local residents and students in Ann Arbor last year, the study said.

Dueling Columns: The Michigan Daily vs. The State News

Leading up to one of the biggest rivalry games in college football this weekend in East Lansing, staff writers at The Michigan Daily and The State News present our annual Dueling Columns. The Sports sections  here at Michigan and our rivals over at State will have to make good on these words at our annual touch football game this Friday.

From The Daily: UMich should consider expanding long-term counseling through CAPS

Are you scared yet?

After watching horror movies every Friday night of her freshman year, Statement Correspondent Sarah Stolar reflects on the thrill that comes with  following scary things. Learn about horror movies, how we react to and deal with fear, and more in this spooky-themed article — perfect for this upcoming Halloweekend.

The ghost of Helen Newberry

Visual Statement: Halloween in Ann Arbor

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