October 26, 2021

Unvaccinated faculty, staff to face termination by the end of semester if not exempt

The University of Michigan is putting in place strict vaccination compliance measures for faculty and staff at all three of its campuses after five weeks of higher positive case numbers seen in these populations compared to the student population. Beginning Nov. 8, any staff member without an exemption that has not begun their vaccination process will not be allowed to work or receive pay for a 30-day period, and any staff member still unvaccinated by Dec. 8 will be terminated. Faculty have until the end of the semester to comply before facing sanctions.

‘Elimination mindset’: Michigan embracing high stakes ahead of MSU showdown

One of the biggest rivalries in college football is almost here. The winner of the U-M and MSU football game this weekend will not only be rewarded with the upper-hand in a bitter in-state rivalry but will also be considered a legitimate College Football Playoff contender and Big Ten Champion prospect. A win over the Spartans would speak volumes for the Wolverines’ postseason fate: “It sure would give it a boost,” Harbaugh said with a chuckle. “You talk about winning the conference, winning the National Championship. It’s an elimination mindset, a playoff mindset at this point. Win this game and it will help your chances.”

SACUA talks pay disparity among gender, race

The Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs met virtually on Monday to discuss supporting a future study into pay disparities of University of Michigan faculty based on both gender and race. SACUA also talked about recently passed motions on COVID-19 protocols and sexual assault misconduct policies on campus.

SportsMonday: In biggest game between rivals in decades, Michigan faces its first real test

The Mom B-Side

The Daily Arts B-Side explores the question: “What is motherhood?” Many of us think of mothers as the figures who have supported us our whole lives, and the B-Side makes sure to pay tribute to this sacredness. But in media, popular culture and life, all sorts of moms exist. Each is still a mom, despite flaws and negative perceptions.

Midnight Mass’ exposes the deplorable abuse of religion

Music in yellow: A shifting

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