October 25, 2022
By Martha Lewand

Courtesy of Maleny Crespo

Engineering Professor discusses racism in engineering, issues with DEI rhetoric

Engineering Professor James Holly Jr. along with the Engineering Office of Culture, Community and Equity hosted the “Truth Be Told, DEI Needs to D-I-E” lecture on Wednesday afternoon. Holly Jr. discussed how DEI is utilized without addressing concerns with equity and justice for Black students, especially those in engineering. Read more about how DEI functions in higher education, especially in engineering at the University of Michigan. 

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Nov. 8 elections: What’s on the Ann Arbor Ballot

Elections! Elections! Read all about them! The Michigan Daily created a guide to the upcoming midterm elections on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Learn more about what positions you can vote for in Ann Arbor, who’s running and what’s at stake.

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Campus community detects abnormal number of dead birds, suspect avian flu

Bye Bye Birdie! Students have noticed an unusually large number of dead birds around campus this semester. Learn more about the conspiracies circling online about the dead birds and the real theories on why campus is experiencing this phenomenon.

Photo Courtesy of Ann Arbor Eats

Ann Arbor Eats brings local food to students and novelty to an oversaturated influencer scene

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Op-Ed: Behind the bow tie: What the University of Michigan needs to know about Santa Ono

Santa Ono: the campus GOAT or WOAT? Despite the collective hype felt on campus and social media regarding his new term as University president, Ono has an imperfect history that goes unnoticed. According to UBC student Jonathan Turcotte-Summers, Ono hosted a fundraiser with an alleged abuser of Indigenous children, failed to take adequate action against a climate of sexual violence and more during his tenure of at UBC. Learn more about Ono’s blemished track record.

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A case for the “Vomit Comet”: the beauty within struggle

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Why you should be friends with a Trump supporter

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