October 13, 2021

Autonomous vehicle start-up May Mobility launches free passenger shuttle service at Ann Arbor Farmers Market

 May Mobility, a startup out of the University of Michigan, began offering a shuttle services from Kerrytown to south of downtown Ann Arbor. The self-driving cars are supervised by Autonomous Vehicle Operator  autonomous cars would encourage people not to drive their own vehicles.

What we can learn from Kenyon College’s undergraduate student worker strike

Kenyon College undergraduate employees went on strike, continuing a trend of labor action among student employees in higher education. However, Kenyon is rare in that undergrads are leading the charge, a move that has earned the union additional scrutiny from University administration. Opinion columnist Justin Yuan argues student workers have interests as laborers and that participating in a union so early in their careers will prepare these workers to build labor power in future workplaces.

CSG passes resolution to remove landlords suing Ann Arbor over early leasing ordinance from Beyond the Diag

Central Student Government called on University officials to remove some landlords from the Beyond the Diag off-campus housing website. A resolution passed Tuesday requests the University remove landlords who are members of the Washtenaw Area Apartment Association, which sued to prevent the City of Ann Arbor from changing its Early Leasing Ordinance. The meeting saw further discussion regarding whether removing these landlords would diminish the usefulness of Beyond the Diag. University President Mark Schlissel suggested the University was hesitant to involve itself in what he described as a private transaction between landlords and students.

Becoming One with the Diag Squirrels

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: spooky season

“I argue that Halloween, to the surprise of absolutely nobody who knows me, is the best holiday ever created,” writes opinion columnist Jess D’Agostino. “From its fascinating origins to now, Halloween is something that I fervently believe can bring joy to anyone in some way or another.” An opinion writer celebrates all things “Spooky Season.”

Contact without touch — living with contamination OCD

High income countries should invest in equal global COVID-19 vaccine distribution

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