October 8, 2021

“The University of Michigan’s work will remain unfinished”: Schlissel discusses University goals and accomplishments at State of the University address

President Mark Schlissel discussed research efforts, carbon neutrality on campus and progress on DEI goals at his State of the University address. The speech comes two days after Schlissel announced that he will resign a year ahead of schedule in 2023, stating that he discussed his decision to step down with the regents and plans to help with the search for a new president in any way he can during the address. 

The ‘Go Blue Flu’ has taken over the university. What is it?

Students across campus have fallen victim to the ‘Go Blue Flu,’ a back-to-school sickness characterized by dry coughs and congestion. The Michigan Daily sat down with Dr. Joseph Eisenberg, U-M Professor, chair of the epidemiology department and public health expert, to discuss the illness. Eisenberg noted that, after experiencing a pandemic, most people are no longer desensitized to coughs and sneezes that would have otherwise gone unnoticed in the past.

5 bills to watch in the Michigan legislature: October 7, 2021

Hooked on vegan nuggets

Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look was not iconic, it was hypocritical

Did Kim Kardashian “understand the assignment?” at this year’s Met Gala”? Or did she just benefit from a double-standard? Kim’s black Balenciaga bodysuit that covered her head to toe has drawn comparisons to religious coverings worn by Muslim women. While Kim was celebrated for her outfit, Muslim women face discrimination and harrasment for wearing similar attire.

Emily Mariko arrived when we needed her the most

Teenage characters should be played by teens, not decades-older adults

The Miseducation Project works to cultivate a digital museum archive featuring art from students of color. We value art of every form, reviewing submissions from traditional art to math and theater to code. 

We are opening submissions for our upcoming exhibition themed “Respiration.” If you have a work of art or idea for a project, we invite you to get involved. Click here to get involved in our upcoming exhibition.

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