October 6, 2021

University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel to step down in June 2023, a year earlier than planned

University President Mark Schlissel announced he will resign in June 2023, a year before his current contract ends. This announcement comes amid backlash for his handling of sexual misconduct accusations against the late Dr. Robert Anderson and Provost Martin Philbert and Schlissel’s COVID-19 policies. 

Following blackface incident, Professor Bright Sheng takes step back from teaching SMTD composition course

Bright Sheng, professor of composition in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, stepped down from teaching his undergraduate and graduate composition seminars after showing his class a version of Shakespeare’s “Othello” in which an actor used blackface. The incident was reported to the University’s Office of Equity, Civil Rights and Title IX. Sheng and SMTD Dean David Gier made the decision for Sheng to step down to “allow for a positive learning environment.” Sheng will continue to fulfill other departmental and school-wide duties.

Tensions run high at Faculty Senate meeting over COVID-19 protocols, sexual misconduct response

U-M administration and faculty members discussed the University’s response to sexual misconduct reports, the lack of remote teaching options and COVID-19 policies on-campus at this week’s Faculty Senate meeting, highlighting the growing tension between President Mark Schlissel and university faculty.

 Photo Essay: Egypt 2021

Without government action, the private sector must act on gun violence protection

“While many politicians at the state and federal levels are unable to pass gun reform legislation, there are other things that can be done to defend both human life and the constitutionally protected right to own a gun. The private sector must step up to make guns safer in order to reduce gun violence.” 

A Daily columnist argues for the role of weapons manufacturers in preventing gun violence through biometric technology.

A year later, Florida needs to revisit felon voting rights

Democrats must show stronger support for Israel

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