November 4, 2021

Washtenaw County to begin vaccinating children ages 5-11 against COVID-19 on Nov. 9

Washtenaw County will begin administering COVID-19 vaccines to children ages 5-11 next week. This comes after the F.D.A. found the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine 90.7% effective for children in this age group  and approved its use for them last week. Registration for vaccination appointments opens this Friday – learn more and book an appointment here.

‘We’re going to win out’: Wolverines remain confident despite first loss

Michigan Football is moving on and determined to finish the “new four-game season” strong following the loss to Michigan State this past weekend. Coach Harbaugh expressed a renewed sense of energy, saying that the team is ready to “get back to work and get prepared for this next opponent.”

Letter to the Editor: We should accept Professor Sheng’s apology

Former Daily editors Judy Oppenheim Olinick and Michael Olinick agree that Professor Bright Sheng shouldn’t have shown students a version of “Othello” with an actor in blackface without warning, but criticize the “unappeasable wokeness” that led to the rejection of Sheng’s apology. They lament the School of Music, Theatre and Dance administration’s response to have Sheng step back from teaching his composition class, which they said “grovel(s) at the altar of vengeful political correctness.”

The best of Halloween 2021 on TikTok

Is there a problem? Then tell me

Statement Correspondent Sarah Stolar examines confrontation in friendships and how conflict communication styles — like passive-aggressiveness or assertiveness — are influenced by where we come from. “Conflict is plentiful and inescapable. But confrontation doesn’t have to be harmful: It’s a sign of self-respect,” she writes.

Visual Statement: Boober Tours

The Laugh Track

The Opinion section has space in The Michigan Daily for first-person accounts of sexual misconduct and its various implications. In this series, submissions underpinned by the experience of survivors will be published, aiming to highlight their essential perspectives.

To be considered for publication, please submit pieces to Editorial Page Editors Liz Cook ( and Joel Weiner ( by Nov. 14, 2021 at midnight. Read more about submission requirements here

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