November 30, 2021

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‘I am a Michigan man through and through’: Jonathan Vaughn talks campaign for UMich Board of Regents

Jon Vaughn, the former Michigan athlete and survivor of the late Dr. Robert Anderson who has been camping outside President Mark Schlissel’s house for over 50 days in protest of the University’s handling of sexual assault allegations against Anderson, announced his candidacy for the U-M Board of Regents in mid-November. Vaughn said the University’s handling of past and current sexual assault cases and the administration’s marginalization of non-white students are all examples of failings of the Board of Regents. If elected, Vaughn said he hopes to engage with the University community and to prioritize campus safety.

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UMich removes two questions related to job applicants’ criminal history, will ask them in background checks

In early November, the University of Michigan announced they would remove two questions related to job applicants’ criminal history and background. The decision follows calls from criminal justice activists and student organizations to “ban the box,” referring to employers asking applicants to check a box indicating whether they have any criminal charges.

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MiC: Addressing Angell

“As students at the University of Michigan, we spend so much of our time in Angell Hall, but how many of us actually know who James Burrill Angell is and what his legacy entails?”

Michigan in Color columnist Easheta Shah explains recent developments in the controversy surrounding Angell’s legacy on campus, including a Central Student Government resolution calling for the removal of Angell’s name from the University building and other steps toward a “reclamation of a space that the late president himself may not have expected our presence in.”

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UMich students walk out for climate and sexual misconduct accountability

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UMich students, it is time to get enough sleep and address the flaws of the grind

Many college students glamorize running on limited sleep and too much caffeine. Feeling exhausted and overworked is almost something to brag about.  

Opinion columnist Benjamin Davis lays out the facts about how much sleep college students need and deconstructs the relationship between unhealthy sleep schedules, emotional well-being and academic achievement. Davis’s message is clear —  students, get your eight hours of sleep.

Why Squid Game is the perfect cautionary cryptocurrency tale

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To challenge eurocentric beauty standards, we must encourage and embrace diversity

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