November 3, 2021

UMich freshmen and sophomores learn what it means to be a wolverine

After most students learned remotely last year, underclassmen are finally getting a taste of the quintessential “Michigan experience.” Amid the transition back to in-person learning, many students are making the most of extracurriculars, sporting events and campus life.

I AM the college experience: post-ironic affirmations spread to campuses around the world

Affirmations are everywhere – with a combination of distinctive visual style and absurdist humor, these posts have captured the attention of college students across the nation. Statement writer Annie Rauwerda takes a deep dive into the meaning and impact behind affirmations.

Someone dropping off a ballot

City of Ann Arbor 2021 Special Election Results

Yesterday, Ann Arbor voters cast their ballots in a special election. Four ballot initiatives were under consideration, ranging from ranked choice voting in City Council elections to emergency purchasing power for city administrators. As of last night, all four measures on the ballot are predicted to pass. To learn more about the proposal and to see an interactive map of precinct results, click here.

Consider the pros of social media advertisements, not just the cons

​​A relic of Jim Crow: Tipping has overstayed its welcome

Tipping is a decidedly American custom. While many of us take tipping for granted, it hasn’t always been the norm and its origins trace back to the Jim Crow era South. Opinion columnist Siddharth Parmar examines tipping as a policy choice rooted in classism and racism and its impact on workers.

We need both respectful discourse and mandates to address vaccine hesitancy

Cartoon: Goodbye spooky season, hello winter holiday spirit!

The Opinion section has space in The Michigan Daily for first-person accounts of sexual misconduct and its various implications. In this series, submissions underpinned by the experience of survivors will be published, aiming to highlight their essential perspectives.

To be considered for publication, please submit pieces to Editorial Page Editors Liz Cook ( and Joel Weiner ( by Nov. 14, 2021 at midnight. Read more about submission requirements here

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