November 18, 2021

UMich students seeking accommodations amid pandemic, flu season receive varying responses

The University’s recent uptick in cases of the flu has also created an increased need for academic accommodations among students when they fall ill. However, with make-up policies for exams and deadlines being dependent on individual departments, many students are finding that there’s little relief from the stress of staying on top of schoolwork when they get sick.

The UMich endowment grew by 40.6% this year. What does this increase mean for the U-M community?

The University of Michigan endowment rose by an estimated $4.7 billion to reach its current valuation of $17 billion in 2021. The University’s vice president for finance attributed the growth to investments in private equity and venture capital. In recent years, some student activists have called for the University to divest the endowment from fossil fuels and for money from the endowment to be used for financial aid and student support services.

Dioxane discovered in three more AA wells, Debbie Dingell calls on EPA to act

Last week, three wells north of M-14 Ann Arbor were discovered to contain dioxane, a suspected human carcinogen found in groundwater that is not easily biodegradable. ​​The new wells are just under a mile north of the previously known Gelman dioxane plume boundaries and were discovered by Scio Township’s independent testing of wells that began in July and September of this year.

I miss the sun

Artist on the guillotine

Is there still value in the work of controversial artists? Can we separate the art from the artist? From musician Steven Morrisey of The Smiths to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, Statement Correspondent Mary Rolfes explores the value in ending our consumption of the work of controversial artists.

Olivier’s “Othello” and Racism in Theatre

At the movies

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