November 17, 2021

Ann Arbor tenants raise concerns about housing waitlists, other loopholes to Early Leasing Ordinance

Despite the new leasing ordinance giving tenants more time to renew their contracts, landlords are still finding ways around it, from hefty reservation fees to surprise visits from prospective tenants. Some are just ignoring the ordinance altogether. 

“If I didn’t follow local City Council ordinance stuff and if I wasn’t paying close attention to this, I’d have no idea that I didn’t have to make that decision now,” Rackham student Jeffrey Lockhart said. “These are the people that control whether you have housing, how much you pay for housing, they have a lot of power and it’s very easy for landlords to make people’s lives miserable.”

‘They don’t want to pay the teachers’: UMich child care center educators allege unfair compensation

The educators at the University of Michigan Children’s Centers are responsible for teaching and socializing the youngest victors on campus. After more than a year of working as critical employees during a pandemic, U-M child care center teachers are now demanding higher salaries, saying their wages do not reflect the demands of their job.

The Statement: The Nov. 17 Edition

Abby Snyder explores the term “girlboss” — specifically the way it went from being someone anyone should look up to for their career to someone who is toxic and has an unhealthy attitude toward many aspects of their life.

Writer Mary Rolfes of “Artist on the Guillotine” delves into the holiday that is the “Spotify Wrapped” coming out: a summary of a Spotify user’s listening habits over the past year. Though rather simple in concept, the social aspect of Spotify Wrapped is one that embarks us in new conversations, debates and even fights with others about our own mysterious music choices. 

The idea of physically going to the movies is both comforting and an ideal weekend activity for Taylor Schott, who reflects on  the positive aspects behind the experience of a movie theater.

Using a metaphor of a situation with a bear, Sarah Stolar explores in her piece “Confronting the bear in the woods” the idea that we are forced to assess our situation and determine how we will endure it — whether that be with panic or calmness — in many different points in our lives. Darby Williams discusses how Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Othello” has become one of the most controversial plays in the theatrical canon, as it questioned popular beliefs towards race and gender. It remains a theatrical staple due to its intriguing commentary.

Photo Essay: A morning at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market

It’s time for Facebook to end

Showcasing that U-M students are anything but average, Jacob Melamed, a sophomore in LSA and the School of Kinesiology, has run a street-style photography account dubbed @UMichFits for about a month now where students with a unique eye for fashion are broadcasted to his 2,000+ followers. Shooting on the Diag just a few times a week, Melamed says the account has allowed him to make new friends and make many others feel good while doing it.

Why The Wall Street Journal shouldn’t have published Trump’s election lies

The psychology of the Michigan sports fandom

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