November 8, 2021

24 hours with the Robert Anderson survivor protesters outside Schlissel’s house

To document the day-to-day of protesters, the encouragement they receive from the University community and the challenges they face in making their voices heard, The Michigan Daily’s reporters, photographers and videographers spent 24 hours with Robert Anderson survivors as they protest outside University President Mark Schissel’s house. This hour-by-hour timeline of their daily crusade for justice reveals just how big this fight is for the future of the University.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sits down with The Michigan Daily to discuss higher education, chemical contamination, future of Michigan

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer talked with The Daily while in Ann Arbor Friday to sign the bill repealing Michigan’s “Tampon Tax,” ending a measure that  “disproportionately hurt(s) women and girls in Michigan.” The governor also shared her thoughts on student involvement in politics, her fight against increasing voter restrictions and the work being done to achieve clean water in Michigan.

The Outsider B-Side

Who defines what “outside” the norm really is? This week, Daily Arts explores what it means to be an “outsider” and how we navigate the “permeable and ever-shifting social landscapes we call the ‘mainstream’ and the ‘outside.’”

The futility of gatekeeping your music taste on TikTok

Michigan bests Indiana, 29-7

Michigan football looked to avenge themselves against Indiana University Saturday night and it was obvious they came out to win. The Wolverines swept the Hoosiers thanks to powerhouse plays by sSenior running back Hassan Haskins and consistency from jJunior quarterback Cade McNamara. The players themselves had a lot to say about their win.

Wolverines smother Spartans, 7-2, to open home-and-home series

First look at highly touted freshman class

The Opinion section has space in The Michigan Daily for first-person accounts of sexual misconduct and its various implications. In this series, submissions underpinned by the experience of survivors will be published, aiming to highlight their essential perspectives.

To be considered for publication, please submit pieces to Editorial Page Editors Liz Cook ( and Joel Weiner ( by Nov. 14, 2021 at midnight. Read more about submission requirements here

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