November 19, 2021

Former SMTD professor pleads guilty to one count of transporting minor across state lines for sexual purposes

Former School of Music, Theater and Dance professor Stephen Shipps pled guilty to transporting a female student from Michigan to New York for sexual purposes in 2002. Though Shipps pled guilty to only one count, The Michigan Daily is aware of a total of 10 unique sexual misconduct allegations. “I believed — and still do, frankly — that the people in positions of authority who I might have chosen to confide in must have already known … and would not have acted,” former Shipps student Wendy Olson Posner said.

Citizens express opinions on redistricting maps, Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission to vote on maps in December

Residents across the state of Michigan met at the Michigan League this Thursday to discuss the redistricting process, which is conducted by the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. Residents from around the state raised concerns over the U.S. House, state Senate and state House maps.

AAPS to close before Thanksgiving break due to rise in COVID-19 cases, staffing shortage

Ann Arbor Public Schools extended their Thanksgiving break due to rising numbers of reported COVID-19 infections and staffing shortages. Michigan has the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the past week compared to other states in the nation. AAPS public school system is facing challenges as well, including finding enough substitute teachers and bus drivers.

The cultural impact of Noodle the Pug

Free and reduced lunch: Comfort food of the past

MiC Columnist Gustavo Sacramento recalls an acquaintance’s passing comment that he always ate a chicken patty for lunch — and how he didn’t want to reveal it was the most palatable of the limited cafeteria options he faced. Sacramento reflects on both the stigma and the comfort he associated with eating free and reduced lunch, ultimately concluding that free and reduced lunch is “a long-term investment in society’s future.”

The audacity of autumn


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