November 11, 2021

U-M research confirms racial bias in popular blood-oxygen reading technology

A U-M study led by Valeria Valbuena showed that pulse oximeters are less accurate for Black patients compared to non-Black patients, a reality with disproportionate racial consequences. “The issue is not difficult to solve at the technological level, rather it’s society standing in the way, and it’s hard to change the way things work,” she said. Valbuena is currently conducting further related research and hopes to attain more findings in the coming months.

Wolverines look to recover from Amy Dilk’s injury

Senior point guard Amy Dilk injured her knee at the women’s basketball senior opener Tuesday night, potentially upending the Wolverines’ season. For three consecutive seasons, Dilk led the team in assists, starting every game for which she was healthy. This Saturday’s game will reveal how well the Wolverines can perform without Dilk.

‘Eternals’: A beautiful, rare Marvel flick, equally awkward and audacious

Marvel’s new movie, ‘Eternals,’ follows the classic Marvel, end of the world story, with an extra dose of weirdness from creator Jack Kirby. Each character’s strength is matched by an imperfect foil, producing a film composed of conjoined blessings and curses left and right. A bit unconventional, the movie’s ambition has the chance to make an impact on cinema at large.

Art for art’s sake

Of apples and trees and Wolverines

From 1986 to 2021, the fun times had and the stresses of being a U-M student haven’t changed, but technology has greatly altered how people spend their time in Ann Arbor. Modern-day Michigan, if not modern day in general, will hopefully better guide students, making them more equipped for their future  so that they don’t have to settle for an unsatisfying career.

It’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine: Exploring the history of U-M’s mascot hesitancy

For Michigan women everywhere

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