March 7, 2023
By Mary Corey

Hannah Torres/Daily.

GEO files charges against University for unlawful conduct amidst contract negotiations

Last night, the Graduate Employees’ Organization announced they have filed unfair labor practice charges against the University of Michigan. GEO alleges the University failed to bargain in good faith and provide them with information on benefits and workplace safety during their negotiations, among other grievances. Despite these claims, the University continues to insist they are focused on negotiating with GEO and coming to a contract that satisfies both parties.

Whitmer’s new budget proposal: What it means for Michigan residents

In early February, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced her executive budget recommendation for the 2024 fiscal year, which, if enacted, would set the record for the largest budget in Michigan’s history. Her proposal focuses on objectives such as economic development, infrastructure spending, public health, improving maternal-infant health care and gun control measures. The budget also recommends funding for new state programs including universal Pre-K and an expansion of Michigan Reconnect. For more on the proposal, click here.

The storefront of Primealete Nutrition on South University Avenue.

Jenna Hickey/Daily.

Primealete opens offering health- and cost-oriented prepackaged meals for UMich students

Primealate, a new store on South University Avenue, opened in January, selling pre-made meals ranging from chicken fajita wraps to veggie burgers. All meals can be bought for $6 each and there are 10 to 15 meal options everyday for consumers to choose from. Read on to learn about the origins of the store as well as how it offers healthy meals that are freshly made.

Courtesy of Katelyn Sliwinski.

Depravity and deepfakes; Or, how women are robbed of bodily autonomy

Quote card by Opinion.

It’s time to hit the reset button on American secondary education

With America lagging behind other developed countries in public education, public opinion has noticed the discrepancy in access. Is the answer to get rid of honors courses and stick to the Common Core? Is it to prevent critical race theory and other “woke” ideas in the classroom? Opinion Columnist Nikhil Sharma suggests that the government should step back and let schools fulfill their individual students’ needs how they see fit by shifting away from college preparation and focusing more on practical skills.

Two women wearing purple GEO shirts sit on the floor of Mason looking at their computers and talking to each other.

Grace Lahti/Daily.

Letter to the Editor: GEO’s contract demands are reasonable and necessary

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A night in isn’t always to our benefit

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