December 10, 2021

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How UMich evaluates research, teaching in LSA tenure decision

Faculty facing tenure decisions must constantly consider their research, teaching and service. The tenure track starts as soon as faculty are hired. Once hired, faculty members are expected to make an impact through their research, and while the number of papers is a factor in tenure decisions, each paper’s influence is weighted more highly when administrators consider other elements. Administrators are especially careful to avoid allowing biases to enter the tenure process, which further leads them to evaluate every paper on its own merit. Even with the emphasis on research, University officials insist professors must show teaching prowess as well before they are extended tenure.

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Opinion: The language requirement isn’t all bad, but it can be better

Students in LSA have long complained about the dreaded language requirement – which can be as much as 20 credits for students starting from scratch, making it the most extensive LSA distribution requirement. Some students test out of their requirements, but students from less-affluent high schools often have less rigorous foreign language requirements that start at an older age. 

Opinion Columnist Quin Zapoli dives into the LSA language requirement. The requirement provides students with valuable learning opportunities and exposure to new students, but Zapoli argues that U-M must rethink the language requirement to make it more equitable and manageable for students. 

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Arts: Top five streets of Ann Arbor

“The reintroduction of in-person classes this semester means that the varied, twisting and sometimes hilly streets of Ann Arbor are once again being strolled upon. Pathways of crunchy leaves or gray slush welcome back the trails of University of Michigan students marching with a caffeinated buzz and residents with their leisurely peanut-butter pace.” 

Daily’s Arts’ campus culture breaks down their favorite streets, sidewalks and trails. From the Law Quad to Granger Ave, there are plenty of gorgeous spaces to explore. 

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Let’s unpack that: How and why we talk about sex in college

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Pure Michigan: Reflecting on home

What is home? A columnist explores this question while reflecting on her time in Michigan, both at the University and in her hometown. While many people have a tendency to underestimate Michigan, there is still much to appreciate about this state.

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Self Acceptance Through Love

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What birthdays are really about

At the end of every calendar year, a new group of seniors finish their year-long positions at The Michigan Daily. From across every section, many Daily staffers write their last byline — and some even write their first — as they pen their senior goodbye, a reflection on their time within the physical (and virtual) bounds of the newsroom and a chance to thank those who most enriched their time here. Click here to read senior goodbyes from those graduating in Dec. 2021 or May 2022

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