December 3, 2021

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Multiracial group Coalition for Re-envisioning Our Safety develops program for unarmed public safety response

On April 5, the Ann Arbor City Council passed a resolution that would change public safety for those who face non-violent emergencies. The new program created by this resolution provides aid for issues such as mental health and brings resources to those in need who might otherwise not have help. Ann Arbor City Councilmember Kathy Griswold, D-Ward 2, said she supports this program because there needs to be a more proactive approach on providing care for marginalized communities.

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Ever wondered why building lights stay on after hours at UMich? Here’s why.

At night, after the hordes of students, faculty and staff have gone home from the University’s dining halls, academic buildings and athletic facilities, the lights still burn bright. University officials say they keep the lights on to ensure a safe exit from the buildings; they have to assume someone is inside. Still, campus advocates argue the University can do more to cut down on its energy usage and reduce its carbon footprint.

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On ethical stealing

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The wall between you and DEI

Michigan in Color Columnist Reem Hassan investigates how DEI impacts her own experiences as a person of color and discusses DEI initiatives at the University of Michigan. From navigating a primarily white institution to experiencing imposter syndromes and accusations or being  “DEI picks” or “affirmative action admissions,” students of color are profoundly impacted by the failings and missteps of DEI at the University.

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A letter to my broken sense of self

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The boobs: balls ratio

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