April 6, 2022

Ford School author panel talks effects of transcontinental agreements on climate policy

On Tuesday, the Ford School of Public Policy hosted an author panel on North American natural gas policies in a discussion of international agreements, the political feasibility of climate policies today and the effectiveness of mitigation efforts. Read on for the next steps the United States and other North American countries need to take in their fight against climate change.

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(ISC)2 launches program for new cybersecurity professionals

ISC2, a nonprofit organization focused on cybersecurity, has launched a new program designed to train students and others who are interested in cybersecurity but lack experience in the field. ISChopes the program will help solve the shortage of workers in cybersecurity-related jobs, especially as cybersecurity is a crucial piece of a digital economy. Read to learn more about the program and the response to it from the U-M Community.

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Solitary confinement exhibit spreads awareness for Open MI Door campaign

This past Monday, an event was held on the Diag by the Open MI Door campaign, which advocates for eliminating solitary confinement in Michigan. The demonstration included a mock solitary confinement cell, simulating the conditions prisoners face in their cells to help raise awareness. Read to learn more about this event and why the organizers are advocating for an end to this practice.

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The problem with self-diagnosing

What are you going to do when the world’s on fire?

In many ways, Octavia Butler’s 1993 novel “Parable of the Sower” predicted the reality that we face today. An operatic adaptation of the novel was performed at the Power Center for the Performing Arts on Friday, March 25. The opera successfully captured the full emotion of the story in both a musical and theatrical format while injecting extra emotion that cannot be found by simply reading words on a page.

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Rick Barot emphasizes process in last Zell Writers Series

‘Julia’ has its cake and eats it too with the inimitable Julia Child

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