October 31, 2022

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Today is a day of celebration: the Wolverines valiantly defeated the Michigan State Spartans in their quest to bring Paul home and The Michigan Daily’s touch football win streak is now a legal adult after an astonishing  8-0 victory over the State News Friday evening.

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US President Joseph Biden speaks at a rally in Detroit for Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and other Michigan Democrats. Sarah Boeke/Daily. Buy this photo.

BEST OF ANN ARBOR: The results of the annual Best of Ann Arbor survey are out now! Learn about the businesses that the people of Ann Arbor have voted to recognize this  year.

Michigan Medicine Breach: Health data for over 33,000 Michigan Medicine patients was  compromised by a cybersecurity breach. Four Michigan Medicine employees provided their login credentials in response to a phishing email, allowing the attackers to access the hospital’s database. The compromised information included names, addresses, dates of birth, medical record numbers, diagnostic and treatment information and health insurance information. 

PETITION DECEPTION: Numerous residents of the Ann Arbor area alleged that petition circulators for Secure MI Vote and Let MI Kids Learn, two Republican-backed ballot initiatives, provided false or misleading information about the petitions throughout the spring of 2022, a Daily investigation found.

Some residents alleged that circulators purposefully omitted information about the petitions they were carrying, while others recounted being misled by circulators about the political affiliation of the initiative in an attempt to get their signature.

OBAMA RALLY: Former President Barack Obama spoke at a Get Out the Vote rally in Detroit on Saturday to support Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and other Democrats running for election. 

“We get distracted instead of focusing on what’s important,” Obama said. “I understand why people are anxious. I understand why you might be worried about the course of the country. I understand why sometimes it’s tempting just to tune out, watch football, watch ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ But I’m here to tell you that tuning out is not an option.”

MIDTERM MADNESS: The Michigan Daily created a midterm elections guide, including coverage of campaign events, ballot initiatives and crucial races on the ballot in Ann Arbor and Michigan this November. 

FAREWELL ULRICH’S: After 88 years as an Ann Arbor staple, Ulrich’s Bookstore is closing its doors for the last time today. The store announced its closure in a Sept. 21 Instagram post.

“Thank you to the many generations of Michigan alumni, faculty, business partners, and fans that have shopped our locations,”  the post reads. “And an extra special thank you to the employees helping Ulrich’s each and every day, as well!”

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This week’s prompt: What is your favorite Halloween tradition?

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