December 6, 2021

GOOD MORNING! The Wolverines upheld the infamous “Those who stay will be champions” quote this Saturday with a decisive 42-3 win over Iowa in the Big 10 football championship game. Michigan is now set to face Georgia in the Orange Bowl, a College Football Playoffs semifinal game, on New Year’s Eve. 

Michigan football paid tribute to the lives lost in the Oxford High School shooting by wearing patches on their uniforms with a block ‘O,’ the initials ‘TM’ and the number 42 during the game, honoring Tate Myre, a 16-year-old Oxford High School student who played football and wrestled.  Our hearts go out to the families, students and communities hurting from the events of last week. 

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The Wolverines defeated Iowa 42-3 in the Big 10 football championship game on Saturday. Becca Mahon/Daily. Buy this photo.

STUDENT SAFETY: Ann Arbor Public Schools closed this past Friday after threats of violence appeared on social media following the Oxford High School shooting earlier in the week. Superintendent Jeanice Swift sent an email to parents Thursday saying that while the posts have not been verified, classes would be cancelled out of an abundance of caution. 

“While these posts have not been determined to be credible at this time, the volume is quite high,” Swift wrote in her email. “Closing schools will allow school administrators and law enforcement an opportunity to investigate all reported concerns.”

On Thursday, community members gathered for a candlelight vigil in the Diag to mourn the victims of the shooting.

CONFIDENTIAL COUNCIL: Two city councilmembers are facing backlash over the release of a report from an external investigator which raises concerns that the two council members disclosed information from a closed session, according to MLive. Councilmembers Elizabeth Nelson, D-Ward 4, and Ali Ramlawi, D-Ward 5, acknowledge the concerns in the report are about them even though the report does not specifically name the councilmembers in question. 

Jennifer Salvatore was hired by the city to investigate allegations of harassment and discrimination against Assistant City Administrator John Fournier. Her report cleared Fournier, but it raised concerns about the closed session, claiming Nelson and Ramwali shared information from a closed City Council meeting. Both Ramwali and Nelson say the allegations misportray the situation. “I know the rules of closed session,” Ramwali said, according to MLive. 

SCHOOL SUIT: Ann Arbor Public Schools Parent Charmelle Kelsey filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against AAPS as part of an ongoing attempt to bring awareness to racial disparities in the district.

In August 2020, the University of Michigan Civil Rights Litigation Initiative wrote a letter to AAPS on behalf of Kelsey and her daughter Makayla addressing alleged patterns of institutional racism after a series of interviews with other AAPS students.

BOOMING BUSINESS: Local grocer Argus Farm Stop announced that they will be opening a third location in 2022 and will in turn be moving the majority of their packing and shipping operations to their Packard Street location, according to MLive. The addition of a new location will allow the business to expand its footprint while maintaining the rest of their operations. 

Gourmet Cinnamon Bun and Dessert shop Cinnaholic also announced the opening of an Ann Arbor location on Liberty Street in 2022, according to MLive. Cinnaholic features a fully vegan menu and offers a fully personalizable cinnamon bun option. Owners are hopeful to open their doors in early January. 

COCKTAIL CARRYING: The Ann Arbor Social District opened this past Thursday, allowing for townies to carry drinks to and from restaurants within the social boundaries. Participants must adhere to the guidelines including carrying drinks in marked cups from the participating businesses and cannot carry drinks into other businesses.

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Washtenaw County reported 258 new COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours and 2,235 cases in the past two weeks. 76.6% of Washtenaw County residents aged 16 and over and 40.9% of residents aged 5 to 11 have received at least one vaccine dose. 

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