The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education released their annual college rankings on Tuesday, naming the University of Michigan being ranked the number one public university in the country.  

This ranking is different from many traditional college rankings in that it places emphasis on factors other than the average test scores of incoming freshmen and how many students were rejected upon application. Instead, it’s based on four categories: student outcomes such as salary and job placement after graduation, school resources, how well the school engages with students and finally the learning environment, or diversity on campus. The ranking found the highly ranked schools were those that performed well in multiple categories.

The ranking also took into account more than 100,000 student responses to a survey sent out by the Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education, asking questions on students’ interactions with professors, if they thought they were pushed to think critically and if they would recommend their school to prospective students. In a press release, The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education said they also consider their ranking unique because it focuses on how much a college spends on classroom instruction, awarding a higher ranking to those schools that place an emphasis on teaching and research excellence.

The University, while the top-ranked public university, came in at number 24 in the overall ranking. The other public institutions that ranked among the top 100 included University of California, Los Angeles and University of California, Berkeley.

The University was also ranked as the best public university earlier this month by QS World University Rankings and number 23 overall. The only other public university to make the top 50 in the QS rankings was University of California, Los Angeles at number 31.


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