A two-car crash at the intersection of Hill and State streets Thursday evening resulted in a car flipping on its side, but no injuries requiring medical transport.

Shane Dennis, Ann Arbor Police Department sergeant, said one car was travelling eastbound on Hill Street and the other was travelling southbound on State Street when the collision occurred, flipping the car travelling east. He said police are still investigating the reasons for the crash, and received conflicting information from the parties involved.

A passenger in the car that was flipped over told the Daily the car he was in had a green light when the other car rammed into them. He declined to give his name.

The driver of the flipped car, who also didn’t give his name, declined comment beyond stating that “Chevy built a hell of a truck,” in reference to his vehicle.

Passengers and drivers in the other car declined comment.

As of 11 p.m. Thursday evening, State Street was closed between Hill and Packard streets due to the crash. Further north on State Street, police were also encouraging drivers not to head toward Hill Street.

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