E. Royster Harper, the University of Michigan’s vice president for student life, is unrolling a new poster campaign emphasizing respect in free speech in light of a contentious national election and recent incidents on campus.

The posters aim to meld diversity in thought and inclusion efforts, with slogans like “Listen More, Judge Less” and “Appreciate Our Differences.”                                            

In an interview Wednesday afternoon, Harper said her office has been planning the posters since the summer as a part of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategic plan. The campaign’s rollout happened to coincide with the administration’s responses to student protests over flyers posted on campus targeting Black, Muslim and LGBTQ populations.

Harper said the initiative is a part of an effort to shift campus climate and counter hate speech with more positive speech.

“I think this is work we have to do with each other in changing attitudes and hearts,” she said. “We know how to support each other and our friends. We just have to change our notion of who each other and our friends are.”

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